On change

For my entire life, I’ve known I’m a Gemini.

I’ve known and understood there are two sides to me: I’ve known and understood that I crave newness, change, the ability to do what I want.

I’ve known and understood that I’m a “master” of communication.

I’ve known and understood that there is too much going on in my head and my heart for a single person.

I’ve worked over a dozen jobs in my life: legal clerk, live-in sleepaway camp counselor, engineering administrative assistant, art director for a summer camp, hospital billing/accounting specialist, ballroom dance company lesson scheduler, wedding photographer, public health teen educator, research assistant, writer, bank teller and personal banker, stem cell director’s executive assistant, middle school English/language arts teacher, and currently, I’m unemployed.

My change in employment isn’t a change easily celebrated this time around. Unemployment due to health issues is truly a change I struggle to celebrate for any reason. Unemployment because I’m quite possibly not “emotionally cut out” for a career I could change the world with is devastating to who I thought I am.

This mercurial personality is not new for me; I’m a Gemini. I can’t change that. My birth sign says that I crave change, desire newness, and want variety. My heart says that I want a steady job, calm insides (head & heart), and a routine life. Reconciling these vast differences is a change that will take time. Join me as I document the adjustment?

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