Looking for the Eleventh Street Lot?

“to yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese”

The blog title “Eleventh Street Lot” is an homage to an integral and favorite RENT number  … but I’m sure you’ve herd enough. (I’m just trying to steer you in the right direction.)

My dear freshman-year college roommate Dex* had to put up with this entire soundtrack on repeat through the nine months we lived with one another. (I hadn’t even seen the musical yet!) The woman deserves an award for the ridiculous audio exposure that 18-year-old me put her through — my taste was a bit different than hers — but she was always willing to tease me about “blowing up” Auntie Em. (I struggle to sing “blowing off” even 16 years after college.)

If you’ve not seen the 2005 movie rendition of RENT, it’s the same cast I cried fangirl tears for in Portland on their last tour, and it’s completely worth the couple of hours. I cud suggest you check it out.


Moo with me!



*not her real name


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