Tourist in a familiar place

oregonmapThis week I’m spending some time with my family and friends in Oregon and playing a tourist in a state I am quite familiar with.

Besides the requisite family-hugging, nephew-meeting, and with-friend-celebrating, I have a few tourist activities I want to participate in.

  • brunch :: if there was ever a place that loved brunch more than San Francisco, it would be Portland. Breakfast is my favorite meal and finding a good brunch place in Portland is easy. This trip, I’m trying somewhere new; Oliver’s Cafe. I’m excited as it comes highly recommended and I get to brunch with a long-time friend. One of the perks of traveling to Portland from Silicon Valley is that suddenly everything is SO MUCH CHEAPER. $10 can feed you WELL for a meal … I’m excited to see what Oliver’s has in store for me.
  • Powell’s Books :: anyone who has ever been to Portland has probably heard about the biggest bookstore in the state; Powell’s Books. With more than two million volumes of readable material in the store, it’s always easy to find a book I’m interested in. I’m going to Powell’s with a plan this time; I’m going to buy a used book of American Colonial history or Oregon history specifically. (Yeah, I’m weird.) I will probably also buy a German book (a regular habit) and something for Moo (we love books).
  • stumptowncoffee :: COFFEE! COFFEE! COFFEE! One of the things I miss most about living in Portland was the easy access to small coffee shops with amazing coffees. I’ll be able to go to Stumptown and buy a couple of pounds to bring home, and I’ll go to my old haunt, Anna Bananas Cafe to have a great soy latte.
  • Hawthorne Street :: most of the time I lived in Portland, I lived on the west side of the Willamette river. I rarely trekked east, and unfortunately, I never took the time (in six years) to explore Hawthorne Street and its eclectic shops and beautiful old Portland houses. I’m looking forward to finding a knitted hat or a fridge magnet to bring home. I’m also thrilled my friend Brown is going to be with me most of this day; we’re going to cause a scene laughing too loud — I know already.
  • Cartlandia :: Portland is known for their food scene, in particularly, their food cart scene. I was broke as a joke when I lived in Portland (working full time as a student didn’t leave much money or time to spend) and so I rarely ate out. This trip, I plan to eat at a half-dozen carts in Cartlandia while I’m able to. I plan on eating my way through pupusas, Thai noodles, and even VooDoo Donuts in a single night.

If you were traveling to Portland, what would you be sure to do?

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