The iTunes Shuffle

I put my iTunes playlist on a “genius” shuffle (where it makes you a list based off the first song you select) and laughed my way through a set of ten songs that probably really do explain a lot about who I am.

First, the list. Then the witty repertoire.

  1. Free Coffee Town – Ben Folds
  2. Wallet – Regina Spektor
  3. Why – Elefant (Scrubs season 2 soundtrack)
  4. So Long – Ingrid Michaelson
  5. August Moon – Sara Bareillis
  6. Our Love – Rhett Miller (Scrubs season 2 soundtrack)
  7. Cop Chase (Jason Mraz – live)
  8. Me – Paula Cole
  9. Ladder – Joan Osborne
  10. 32 Flavors – Ani DiFranco

First things first, this list is very much me. Between the singer/songwriter hits, soundtracks, and live music, this list is spot on.

benfoldsBen Folds – the lead singer of Ben Folds Five has put out some of his own solo albums and they are amazing. He has this smooth, sultry voice that mellows me out no matter the mood I’m in. The song “Free Coffee Town” is beautiful … if we could all be so gentle, if we all could be so free, coffee … free coffee would be just one of the beautiful things in this world.

Regina Spektor‘s “Wallet” is a beautiful song about finding someone else’s wallet and being able to just barely see inside his or her life. There’s something mysterious and interesting about her lyrical composition. Your winter birthday was stamped on the plastic of a license so recently expired … makes me think the wallet’s owner may have passed by now.


elefantElefant is a band I don’t listen to much of; but they’re on my favorite (of all time) soundtrack, so I hear “Why” all the time. After my 2006 divorce (*gasp*), I listened the Scrubs (S2) soundtrack multiple times a day. “Why” is a strangely peppy song about missing someone, and I still love it even though I don’t miss him anymore. Your sweater on the stairs, pretending you’re still there, it’s everything and nothing new.

Ingrid Michaelson and I would be BFFs if she knew who I was. Her music has always had the ability to inspire me. When “So Long” began playing, I laughed; apparently my music is all about being sad because someone isn’t there anymore. I’m now aware. Maybe it will change … probably not. I am soft for only you, impale me with your tongue, it’s true.

augustmoon“August Moon” by Sara Bareillis is another sad song. Geeze, Sarah; this is a little eye opening. Her eyes they shine on you, while I stand under the August moon, and I pray sleep comes soon. As she watches her former partner being gazed at my someone else in love. Oh, how sad and sweet.

Rhett Miller‘s “Our Love” is also on the Scrubs season 2 soundtrack. rhettmillerIt’s one of my absolute favorite songs I’ve ever heard. It’s peppy (whoa!), and sad and full of meaning. There are references to Richard Wagner, and Kafka in a love song; it’s hard not to adore. Our love surpassed our love so fast, our love’s all wrong, our love goes on and on, our love became, our love by name, when I wrote it to you in a song, our love goes on and on.

“Cop Chase” by Jason Mraz is a great song to add to this list because a) I adore Jason Mraz, and b) it’s live and Jason Mraz live is fantastic. Simple to explain, ultimately.

jasonmrazThrough middle school (16+ years ago!), “Me” by Paula Cole came into my life. The chorus of this song struck me then and has stuck with me until now. I’ll probably sing along with this song for the rest of my life. And it’s me who is my enemy; me who beats me up; me who makes the monsters; me who strips my confidence. What a soundtrack to my own life.


“Ladder” is another middle school song I adore; this time it’s by Joan Osborne. Singing along with I’m gonna love you anyway // today and everyday, today and everyday reminds me that for the people I love, no matter how unlovable they act, I’m going to love them; today and everyday.

Both Coop and I really enjoy listening to Ani DiFranco, and her song “32 Flavors” is in my top three favorites; I never skip “32 Flavors.” If you haven’t heard this song, I bring to you: both my parents taught me about good will; and I have done well by their names; just the kindness I’ve lavished on strangers; is more than I can explain.

What would your iTunes shuffle list look like if you were brave enough to share?



One thought on “The iTunes Shuffle

  1. You have some interesting music on your iTunes here… My iTunes shuffle list is seriously strange… After every Selena Gomez song, it has to play a JB one! 😁 or After The Weeknd, it automatically plays Ariana…🙄
    I seriously think it has a mind of its own!😂


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