*cough* I’m alive *cough*

Since senior year of high school, I’ve known for sure that I’m allergic to guaifenesin; this killer drug is an expectorant in most cough medications available over-the-counter. This expectorant has, three times now, tried to take my life*, so I now avoid it like an old boss-lady.

As a teacher, I’m exposed to all sorts of germs, and I spent my first year teaching continually while sick. My second year was easier on me (same kids, same germs, essentially) and as I furthered my career, I caught fewer of my students’ colds. Now, I catch colds when I travel. It never fails; Emergen-C or not, I catch something from flying.

a mucus monster

More often than not, I catch a cold WITH a cough, and being allergic to guaifenesin means I can’t take the Robitussin and Mucinex so readily advertised during the cold season. (I’m 100% sure I would DIE if I ever took Mucinex … that stuff is straight danger to me. I wish I could take it; I don’t want these mucous creatures in my lungs anymore.)

So, I came home from Oregon (had a great time, will blog about a couple of things in a bit), and I brought home some new pants (size 8! another blog post coming on the size 8! pants), a pair of snazzy earrings, and a few new tops … oh, and a raging cough. Thankfully, unlike last Oregon-visit, I didn’t get so sick while I was traveling, but once I came home, relaxed for three seconds, and slept in my own bed, it reared its ugly head.

I spent the weekend drinking gallons of juice, eating Comtrex and Delsym (neither of which have poison in them … but both of which have phenylephrine in them), and laying on the couch; I’m still coughing.

Today’s treatment plan includes eight gallons of tea, two diet Coke’s, Fisherman’s Friend, and Ricola. Oh, and laundry … and sweeping … and picking up our bedroom … and oh, yeah, I was on VACATION last week. Reality is hard, ya’ll; who wants to fold pre-schooler undies for me?


(*anaphylaxis … not pleasant. Also interesting, I had a severe reaction in 2000 … it was never written about … my doctor wasn’t into that I guess … the 2009 reaction was not the first.)

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