Booksgiving! A really cool holiday

If you’re as much of a word nerd as I am, you’ll be thrilled to see that The Bloggess had another miraculous “be kind to the world just because” idea.

Jenny has tried experiments like these at Christmas time and I’ve been able to help some families during the holidays, and it’s made me feel amazing.

This time around, Jenny’s looking at a global book exchange … of sorts.

I’m asking for a book now and will pass on her book to a friend in need when I’ve finished it. I did it with Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Check it out.

Booksgiving. An experiment.

7 thoughts on “Booksgiving! A really cool holiday

  1. Hi! I followed the link from your comments in Jenny’s post. I tried to get you all the books in your list but it wants to send them to me. Did you add a mailing address so that the books get sent to you? I also used to be a teacher and became a stepmom to two girls whose mom died from breast cancer.


    • I did put an address in there, I will go and double check, though. I updated it, through my tears. I’m @Sarrup on Twitter and would love to chat more about how you managed your step-daughter’s transition. We only found out two weeks ago that the breast cancer has metastasized … and we are having a tough time even coming to terms … so overwhelmed
      Thank you- even this message helped brighten my day!


      • I’m having a hard time finding your post again so I can retry to send them. I had put your books in my cart but couldn’t purchase because they would have been sent to me. Do you know what number your post was? I want to make sure you get the books. You may need to put the books back in your wish list so they can be purchased for you. Sorry!


      • Silvana dear, I received many of the books that were on that list of mine already! Please pass the love on to a person maybe at the end of the list … someone new; from the both of us! I got a new friend in this Booksgiving transaction; you found me on Twitter, right? Drop me a direct message!


  2. I saw your comment on Jenny’s blog about becoming a stepmom. While I don’t have a book for that, I would like to offer myself. I was 10 when I lost my mom, 12 when my dad remarried. I don’t have a good relationship with my stepmom, but that is because of her mental health issues. I can offer a stepdaughters perspective, if you’d like!


    • Jenna, thank you! Moo is 3 and two weeks ago we found out her mom’s breast cancer has metastasized to her liver, among other places. Moo doesn’t know other than “Mamma’s tummy hurts,” and that “this weekend Feweese (Felice) is coming to pway!” Coop and I have been together since Moo was born, and I am a regular fixture in her life. I have mental health issues, too … and I just want this girl to be surrounded by love and support and nurturing parents, even if they didn’t birth her. I’m on twitter as Sarrup, and would love to chat more … or we can connect other ways, but I would ABSOLUTELY love to hear the stepdaughter’s perspective. <3


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