Piece by piece

One of my most vivid childhood memories is cutting off the tags of new clothes the weekend before school started. Getting new clothes was always a thrill to me as a child, because I knew we were poor and I believed that if I could just find the right kind of jeans, no one would notice that I only had two pair and wore them every other day religiously. (I did get teased one time and I so clearly remember that one time. I don’t remember who it was, but I remember the words. Don’t be a jerk; people remember when you’re mean to them.)

Getting new clothes allowed me to piece outfits together to make myself feel more confident – which in middle school, I was desperate to do. As a grown woman, I still love to get new clothes, and cutting tags off beautiful pieces still makes me grin. I probably have too many clothes as an adult; but the ability to create and wear so many different outfits is important to me after being teased in middle school.

Using StitchFix and Pinterest, I have been able to grow up but continue to plan my outfits; nothing has changed in my style, my go-to piece of clothing is a pair of jeans.

justblackjeansIf I’m not in yoga pants, I’m in jeans. StitchFix has broadened my taste in jeans, so I no longer simply wear the basics from Old Navy. My favorite investment so far has been a pair of Just Black dark wash skinny jeans. They opened my eyes to the fact that my body is worth showing off. The fact that they’re versatile and comfortable only adds to the long list of why I love these pants.

Though I am not much into “fashion” in the industry sense, but I do like to look cute and put together. I’ve learned to trust my StitchFix stylist when I ask for something snazzy, and I always at least try on everything she picks out for me. Pairing everything with jeans makes life easier, and having the perfect pairs has made my life so much easier. With a super cute top, a trendy sweater, or even a simple T and a statement-necklace, I can do anything with a pair of good jeans!


What is your go-t0 fashion piece?

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