It’s a two-piece!

Yesterday’s staples are todays’ pants*.


Today’s pants are accompanied by my second favorite staple … a Grandpa Sweater!

Grandpa sweaters run amok in my closet … if a Grandpa could run amok, yanno.

Qualities of a Grandpa Sweater

  1. it has buttons
  2. it has elbow patches
  3. it has pockets
  4. sleeves too long
  5. sleeves too short
  6. it’s hand knitted
  7. it’s made of wool
  8. there are cable knits involved
  9. is grey

A Grandpa Sweater only needs a single one of those qualities to actually qualify in my book … so my closet is FULL of Grandpa Sweaters.

sweaterToday’s sweater is the ultimate Grandpa Sweater:

  • it’s too short in the arms
  • it’s too wide in the body
  • one of the wooden buttons is almost falling off
  • it has cable patterns knit into it
  • it’s made of itchy wool, but I still wear it
  • the pocket has lint remains of a washed & dried Kleenex
  • there are leather elbow pads on my triceps (see first feature)

I’m warm, though; and comfortable. It was a Market & Spruce StitchFix piece I received months ago that I will wear until it actually falls apart … it’s rarely (if ever?) leaves the house, but it’s perfect for today.

Thinking about it, now, perhaps I could ask my StitchFix stylist for an “insomniac preschooler mom substitute teacher sweater” and see about finding a better fit?

What wardrobe staples can’t you live without?



*this sentence was weird to write, I wanted to say “Yesterday’s staple clothing item is the pair of the pants I am wearing today. Then I had to debate my apostrophe use … because I do believe it can go in either the pre- or post-s position. Yes, I am a nerd. No, I won’t be offended if I did it wrong and you want to correct me. I’m human; I make mistakes.”

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