Coming home

One of the first things I donated when I “planned” my spur-of-the-moment move to the Bay Area were my heaps and piles of socks. I’m moving to CALIFORNIA! It’s sunny in California! I’ll wear flip flops all the time in California! California was apparently the land of no socks.

I learned quickly that I am solar powered, and the California Mediterranean climate is better for my brain than the Oregon Mediterranean climate was.  In the seven years I’ve lived here, I’ve bought one pair of additional socks to add to the few I brought with me. Socks are overrated. 

So are grocery stores.

When (frequently) asked “do you ever think you’ll go back?” I regularly shake my head. I can’t say I’ll never move back to Oregon, but I’ll say I’ll never excitedly move back to Oregon because living in the Silicon Valley has spoiled me. Living right smack dab in the middle of the world’s technology explosion allows me to do something I’d actually MISS if I moved back to Oregon.

I have my groceries delivered

Thanks to my Amazon Prime account, I have access to Amazon Prime Now on my phone. I can order more than half of my groceries through Amazon and have them brought to my house FOR FREE (because of that Prime thing). It’s actually not more expensive for me to include this in our grocery budget, so we do it.

Though I still prefer to buy my own meat and produce at Trader Joe’s, this afternoon, a kind driver will deliver my soup, honey, garlic powder, onion powder, enchilada sauce, tomato paste, flour tortillas, olives, butter, canned peaches, pears, and black beans to my house. Tomorrow, I’ll only need two (reusable) bags to get my meats and vegetables for a week of healthy and tasty eating. If I moved back to Oregon, mom, I’d have to do my own grocery shopping … so I just can’t.

Coming home? It now means flying back into SJC, speed walking the concourse to find Coop waiting to kiss me, being slobbered on with shrieks of  “You’re back! You’re back!” from Moo, sunshine most of the days, and having my groceries delivered while I wear my Grandpa Sweater.


What chore do you hate the most?

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