Booksgiving: A Recap

What was Booksgiving? Check it out here!

First and foremost; thank you to The Bloggess for another love-filled idea.

Then, there are thank yous for Heather, Beth, Laura, Kristen, and Freda, for the love each of you shared with me and my family.

There are thank yous to go out to a handful of other love-spreaders, but some of you lovely people wish to remain unnamed, so I will blow you a kiss from California (land of no socks!).

There are thank yous for Silvana and Jenna who both reached out here on the Eleventh Street Lot to share their love.

There are more thank yous to those who went above and beyond for my family.


Books were my first best friend, and books have brought me many friends both figuratively and literally.

Booksgiving brought my family a tribe … I’m so thankful.

One thought on “Booksgiving: A Recap

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