New York

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New York: Edward Rutherfurd

I picked up New York on a whim, with the bare bones knowledge that it was “about New York;” I wasn’t wrong. This book is more than “about New York,” though.

With settings of natives on the island of Manhattan, Revolutionary War battles, even the 2001 World Trade Center bombings, Rutherfurd takes readers through a fictionalized history of the great region of New York.

There were a couple of slow chapters, where I was bored of the bourgeois relationship drama depicted, but I trudged through. This book was full of topics that aren’t normally my forte: war, romance, finances, and global economy, the history writing drew me in.

I felt like this Rutherfurd book was a bit of Michener-lite. While educational, entertaining, and enjoyable, I will probably not read this book again. If you’re into the history of locations, from native peoples to current settlers, I recommend this book. If you’re bored by history, though; stay away!

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