Amputation Pain Different for Females

A January 2010 study shows that amputation pain, including emotional health and pain-coping responses is much different for women than men.

In the Journal of Pain, 335 adult patients asked about the level of amputation pain and intensity (phantom pain or residual limb pain), it was clear that women reported both greater pain intensity and more anxiety about that pain. They were also more likely to note that their pain interfered with their daily activities.

Unfortunately, the results of this study show that women may be more susceptible to the “negative functional consequences of limb loss pain,” according to the University of Washington School of Medicine’s researchers. On top of this, women may suffer even more psychological problems related to that pain than men. Read more about the study: Sex differences in pain and psychological functioning in persons with limb loss.

Does this mean that all pain is experienced differently by women? Do you believe that you experience pain in a different way than your male counterpart?


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