Is your house making you depressed?

Feeling blue?

Take a look around you right now. Is your coffee table covered in papers and books?

What about your bedroom? Is the hamper full of dirty clothes and your bed sits unmade?

Have the dishes been sitting in the sink for a week now? Could you lose your child in the playroom? Ever wonder if these things are related to your emotional state?

For me, it’s really a chicken and an egg situation: does the mess depress me or is the mess because of my depression? When I’m feeling blue, I surely don’t want to sweep, clear the dishes and put away the laundry. However, I know that doing those things also makes me feel productive and on top of things, i.e. less depressed.

Helium writer John Huetteman shares “housekeeping, whether living in squalor or not, is normally not given high priority as motivation to complete any task can be monumentally difficult.”

He also makes a great point when he reminds his readers that “the act of keeping a clean house can provide … an empowering effect during … helpless times. … cleaning house can be tantamount to a ritual cleansing during times of low self worth”. I absolutely agree with him on those points, but getting to the point where I’m motivated enough to actually do the cleaning is a big step.

While I was in college, if there was studying to be done, I would rather scrub the bathtub than flip through flashcards. I would cook elaborate meals but my German homework would go untouched. The house was spotless during finals week while I procrastinated studying.

When do you find your best cleaning time?



Your Messy House: Why It Could Be Making You Depressed – Glamour magazine tackles the problem of living in a messy house and dealing with depression

Clutter and depression – an interesting blog article about how destructive clutter can be in your house. Do you believe that clutter in your house is actually destructive for you? What about after reading this blog entry?

Is Your Living Situation Bringing You Down? – are there too many people in your house? Are there not enough people in your house? 



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