Craving Routine

For the past few weeks, my routine has been completely upturned and I have been feeling lost and uninspired. Today marks a Monday of back-to-normal … though I have yet to find the inspiration I regularly have.

My mornings normally consist of medicating myself with SSRIs and caffeine (though I’ve been having long talks with my cups of coffee because I have not been in love with them lately) and spending time with my little family. Coop and Moo head off to school around 8:30 or 9am, and then it’s my job to take care of the house and household duties. (#snort, I said duties.)


I oftentimes use my current favorite red notebook and I keep daily notes on what needs to be done, any sort of shopping list I might have, and oftentimes there are pieces of blog posts, ideas for house cleaning, and organizational tips. My little red Exaclair travels in my purse (an Everlane Twill Zip Tote; not an affiliate link, but I love and support Everlane wholly) and I’m not afraid to take it out while in the store or to “consult” it mid-store-aisle. I’ve even made friends because of my Exaclair*. (The butcher teases me regularly about my “little colored lists” and my meat questions.)

Since I detest grocery shopping (why, I don’t really know), I try to do it first thing in the morning so that it’s done and out of the way. I’m not a coupon cutter, but I will make special trips to two different stores to save a little money, and I do order many of my non-perishable groceries to be delivered. (Read Coming home to learn about grocery delivery!) I find if I wait all afternoon to go to the grocery store, I don’t make it and I “fudge” what we were going to have for dinner (or snacks). After groceries, I’d like to start adding yoga or a long walk to my regular routine. I’m in a decent shape, but I’d like to be more fit.

In the afternoon, I try hard to listen to my body. Some days I have to pull the blackout curtains* and slap on my IMAK compression sleep mask* before I let myself take a nap. Instead of thinking about naps as “admitting defeat,” I’ve really had to change my mindset to realize that if my body is telling me that I need sleep, I probably actually need sleep. If I’m not resting in the afternoon, I’m writing, cleaning the house, folding and putting away laundry, prepping dinner, and sometimes I even have time to color!

Traveling and hosting guests threw my routine into the trashcan. On top of that, I’m starting a serious job search at this point, and so I’m trying to keep up on my writing while pushing out my executive administrative assistant resume and personalized (yes, each one) cover letter. I’m hopeful that my organization and multi-tasking skills will be incredibly beneficial for any new employer. My routine is changing, but being able to rest on the fact that I have a routine helps reestablish what was previously scrapped.

Tomorrow? I’ve got a whole list of things to do already!

  • meal plan
  • groceries
    • list
    • order
    • shop
  • dust, sweep, dustbust*
  • vacuum Moo’s room
  • call for GP appointment
  • DMV registration check
  • call Mom (call your mom!)
  • three thank you notes from Booksgiving
  • pack up box
  • visit the post office


Most humans crave routine. Working with the familiar means less stress for those involved. Without routine, I focus too strongly on the details in life (that little dust bunny might need a name he’s been around so long, my box isn’t packed properly and I’ve already gotten an email reminder about it, that pen might be dead should I throw it away, can I clean the kitchen grout any more?) and I get overwhelmed.

If I know and stick to my general procedures, I function at a higher level and I actually get projects tackled and accomplished. What about you? Do you like lists and routines? Do you do the same types of activities near the same times? What does your routine look like?


*an Amazon affiliate link. If you purchase this Exaclair Quo Vadis Habana Lined Journal (6″ x 8″ in black), for the Amazon price of $23.93, I make a teeny tiny bit of associate income. The dustbuster I linked comes highly recommended. I love it.

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