Rabbit rabbit

Growing up in a small town allowed me to get to know my classmates incredibly well. As a freshman in my high school German class, I met LadyK and she became one of my closest friends.

LadyK is a beautiful, smart, and loving woman. Her family warmly welcomed every person she brought to her house. Her parents treated all of LadyK’s friends as their own kids. In our years of friendship, LadyK taught me all sorts of neat things:

  • meathookI have meat-hook feet. If I were to ballet dance, I’d need to relax them and learn to point, not hook.
  • These v-crunch ab exercises are the best and the worst.
  • schicken = to send, auf Deutsch. “You can’t schicken a chicken in the mail.” (20 years later, I absolutely remember this line.)
  • For the best good luck, the first words out of my mouth on the first day of each month should be “rabbit rabbit”.


Since ninth grade, thanks to LadyK, I have pushed myself to remember to announce “rabbit rabbit” first thing in the morning on the first of the month. In high school, LadyK told me that her mom said it was good luck; I took it at that and for almost twenty years, I rested on that. Years ago I wondered whether what LadyK told me was true. If I say “rabbit rabbit” as my first words of the month, will I really have good luck? Yup. She was right!

A recent NPR interview and article clarifies the superstition surrounding “rabbit rabbit.””Say ‘Rabbit, Rabbit’ For 31 Days of Good Luck” explains that this superstition has been around for a long while now.

At least since the early 1900s. In fact, another aficionado of this practice was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Today is March 1, I said my “rabbit rabbit”. Did you? Should I offer a reminder before April Fool’s Day next month to remind you about this?

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