Luck be a … dangerous lady?

… luck let a gentleman see … just how nice a dame you can be … I know the way you’ve treated other guys you been with … luck be a lady with me … a lady doesn’t leave her escort … it isn’t fair, it isn’t nice … a lady doesn’t wander all over the room … and blow on some other guys’ dice …

mte4mdazndewnjg4mte2mjm4When Frank Sinatra sang those lyrics, I don’t know that he realized the science behind a woman’s touch, especially when it comes to financial risk-taking. 

Experiments done by Columbia University and University of Alabama researchers found that both men and women are more “likely to take financial risks after being lightly touched on the back by a woman.” All it takes is a soft touch from a woman to encourage either sex to feel more secure, more confident and accept the risks. The researchers believe that the touch from a woman reminds people of a touch from their mother and the emotional experiences that come with that. 

“Certain forms of contact are associated with memories and emotional experiences of being touched by your mom.” Jonathan Levav

Studies show that people who had incredibly supportive father figures, or were raised by their fathers did not experience the same comfort with the masculine touch – only the feminine.

The data collected and published in the online journal Psychological Science has a heap of very interesting information and I encourage you to head over and read the risk-taking that touched-by-a-woman participants experienced! 

A woman’s touch encourages financial risk-taking

What do you think about this data? Will you steer away from the “helpful” saleswoman at the appliance store? 

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