Distracting myself from exercise

If you’re anything like me, you like you like time to pass quickly while exercising. Whether it be a television in the gym, your iPod blasting tunes in your ears, or talking with a friend, the time goes much quicker when you’re not staring down the calorie-tracker on the treadmill.


My favorite distraction is my iPod. Whether I’m listening to Taylor Swift, Elton John or The Little Mermaid soundtrack, I have my headphones in and am humming along while I train. More often than not, though, instead of listening to my iTunes playlists, I’m listening to a podcast.

A podcast is digital audio or video file is released through iTunes or a host website. You then download it to your media player. You can learn a language, master grammar, learn to budget, hear the news, or even download workout music for your training program.

In my current podcast rotation, I have four different exercise-specific series:

Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast – a NYC Pilates studio put together over 140 video segments of Pilates moves used to strengthen your core muscles. These podcasts are updated weekly with new moves and are easy to follow.

Couch to 5K – train to run a 5K in just nine weeks with the help of this tempo-based podcast. With specific tones that tell you the music is about to change pace; you never have to worry about setting your pace – the beats per minute do it for you! 

Podcasts for Running – the creator of this set of workout music didn’t mesh well with the Couch to 5K training, so he made his own set of beat-specific music to run to. So far I have found that this music is often a little faster than the others, but it’s good for hard training days.

PODRUNNER: – out of my four exercise-specific podcasts, PODRUNNER is my favorite. The downloads are set up in three sections; “First day to 5K,” “Gateway to 8K” and “Freeway to 10K” sets. This encourages you to keep training, even after you’ve hit your 5K mark. Most of this music is techno-based but is distracting enough to keep me going.

If I’m working out on a machine at a gym, I prefer a podcast I can watch, and so I check out the many free video podcasts available on iTunes. My favorites there include the Dirty Jobs Video Podcast, LibriVox Audiobooks (volunteers read well-known works of fiction chapter by chapter) and the many different ‘Stuff’ Podcasts (Stuff from the Science Lab, Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Stuff You Should Know). All of these podcasts can be found for free on iTunes.


Do you focus on your training or do you prefer to be distracted while exercising? 

What is your favorite method of distraction while you’re working out?

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