A new car

I’ve been driving for 18 years, and in those years, I’ve owned two cars.

My first baby; Baby Bitch, was a 1989 two-toned blue Toyota Corolla. 89corollaHer hood and front bumper had been replaced with a slightly different blue … she was not pretty, but she was mine! I paid $1,000 for her in 1998 and was warned “don’t change the oil; she’ll die.” I never changed (but regularly added) the oil in BB. I drove her from 1998 to 2003 when my ex husband decided that it wasn’t reliable and the two-tone was embarrassing. We sold it for $200 to my uncle. I warned him “Don’t change the oil; she’ll die.” He didn’t listen. She died. She didn’t run anymore. Like dead dead dead car. He didn’t listen. He learned his lesson, I’d bet.

We invested another $1,000 in a 1998 Ford Escort in 2003. 98fordescortI bought the car from a father who was selling it because his daughter (who had owned it) was in jail on drug charges. The car was in good shape, though there were cigarette burns in three or four spots in the front. I got some car seat covers and drove on them until (in 2014) they disintegrated. My ’98 Ford Escort sits in our driveway regularly unused because Coop drives everywhere (I don’t have a seat for Moo in my car).

We’ve been thinking about a new car for me for almost a year now … but we’re both way into driving our cars into the ground, so I may have another whole year before we invest. If I could go today and pick out my own new car, I know exactly what I’d be doing!

I’ll start with a 2016 Toyota 4-Runner body … maybe in an SR5 Premium series; there’s technology in that thing and it does part-time 4WD. (I like to ski; neither of us own cars for snow right now!) Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.04.27 AMIt’ll be an automatic because I’m one of those people who can’t drive a manual car. I’d learn, but no one in my life has a manual anymore! If I got to pick a color (some of their models are limited in color selection), I’ll be going for the “magnetic gray metallic” exterior and the “TRD Pro Softex in black” for my interior. I’m not a huge black-car-interior living in California, but I could get behind it if I got my dream car! Since it’s a dreamy car, I’m adding my running boards to the side so it’s easier to get into … plus with a kidlet in and out, it makes it easier. With my additions and an up-to-date GPS, and quite possibly a satellite radio added … I’ll also need $41,000.

Most likely I’ll have a $10K budget and buy used … but one day, that 4-Runner will be mine!

What is your dream car?

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