I need a haircut … badly. I haven’t cut my hair in 11 months. I have a very hard time allowing myself to take care of the outside when my insides are broken so often. I’m carrying around a bunch of split ends, unevenness, and frizz, frizz, frizz! I wear it in a low ponytail five or six days of the week, and the other day it’s probably a smashed up mini-bun (mini … although I have a lot of hair, it’s thin). I have to buy-into a hair idea before I can cut it, and I haven’t had any inspiration in a long time.

Then I saw this:


Heidi Klum uses her hair to round out her facial angles and accent her beautiful cheekbones. I just love it. I have chipmunk cheeks and have grown to love them. Why not show them off? So yeah, I’m going to get a haircut.

Then, I saw this:



This hair color is striking. I’ve done purple in my hair before; I’ve never done a full head of anything non-“natural” colored. I am fascinated by the idea. The idea of doing a teal like this, or a dark purple, or a lavender, or whatever a trained stylist thinks would work with my skin and eyes … but something new. With an dramatic change like this, it requires a dramatic attitude change. I need both.

If Coop doesn’t mind, I’m gonna do my research and make some changes. You in?

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