Coop has approved* the shorter hair and the non traditional color. I’m going to do some research to figure out which color looks best on my fair skin and dark blue eyes and then find a skilled stylist to make me over. I’m all-in!

This weekend was a test of my mental health. On Saturday we braved the local ComicCon and we visited the Discovery Science Museum when we realized that ComicCon was too poorly organized for the space it was in ( The Moo had a blast all day and she didn’t even realize we “skipped” ComicCon because she got to see “two real BatMans” and she got to give “Wubber Woman a five!” I was very pleased that everyone we approached with our costumed pre-schooler was enthusiastic about playing their part.

Coop had a tooth emergency on Sunday morning and so Moo and I had a Girl’s Day — we spent the morning coloring, watching Brave, and using Starfall to learn more about letters and numbers. We got caught in the rain on a walk to the park, and had to run home before getting absolutely soaked. My California family (I’m not originally from this dry place) and I had loud bouts of laughter about the rain.

coffee.jpgAfter an afternoon rest, while I got some quiet time (it’s one of the only things that makes me feel whole) we braved a dinner out where Moo played peek-a-boo with a beautifully ancient man at a table near to us. He smiled through his entire meal and I didn’t care that we sat for a half-hour extra to coax Moo into eating.

A family grocery trip ended at home with fun and hair-sudsing in the bath, and then A Trip to the Zoo before we put Moo to bed. Coop and I rested together quietly before we passed out early.

It was a successful, love-filled, adventuring-based weekend and although I’m so tired this Monday I could cry, that’s what coffee’s for.


*approved as in the sense he didn’t freak and exclaim “NO!” immediately

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