A Newfound Fascination



Food science.

Food history.

Food preparation.

I’m fascinated by food. I know where the fascination comes from (a piece of writing for another day, though), but this seems to be going deeper.

As I’ve used cooking to heal with this long bout of depression and anxiety, I realized that

  1. I’m a good cook
  2. I enjoy cooking
  3. There is magic involved in cooking

Then I came across Netflix’s series Cooked based on Michael Pollan’s book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation and my mind was blown. All of these food historians, food scientists, chefs, and foodies come together and share how cooking has shaped humans.

I’m fascinated by the idea that cooking makes us human.

Humans are the only species who cooks food to ease the eating process.


grilled pork loin with apples and cranberries

We’ve figured out that it’s tastier, less time-consuming (and teeth-consuming), and better for our bodies to cook food before chewing it up. We probably stumbled upon an accidentally bar-be-qued warthog in a forest fire and thought it smelled amazing. We probably took a sniff and our mouths watered. We probably took a bite and realized that cooked pork is an amazing taste. We then might have added crab apples, pine needles, and other herbs and realized the taste was enhanced. We probably learned that ginger, pimento, and cumin add flavors and feelings to pork.

We’ve developed hundreds of cooking methods, millions of add-ons to our basic dishes, and recipes we lovingly and routinely pass through generations of cooks.

Cooking has changed the lives of every human on Earth. Cooking is fascinating. Be prepared for more cooking knowledge to appear around here … cooking is my self-care.

What are you fascinated by?

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