3.5 Tests

Plans of a Testy Three-and-a-half-year old

First I test at Mommy’s … and I win. AWESOME!

I’m totally supposed to win at Mommy’s; I heard Sarah say that once.wirebasket


Then, I test at Daddy’s … and I lose.

I spend all day in my room “wif no friends ever” because I get my bull-headedness from my Daddy. I give up after I have to take my own toys out of the bathtub because I don’t get to have fun. Dad’s serious.


Finally, I test MissD at school … and I lose BIG TIME!

Today I was really being a pill. I refused to lay still at nap time, and I did that yesterday with Daddy and Sarah, too. MissD tattled on me and Sarah came to my nap time and I had to hug her and say I would lay still and make good choices.

Call in teacher Sarah!

Poor kid was having a tough nap time today and I serendipitously turned up at the right time to deliver strawberry plants for MissD’s garden with the kids. Moo was asked to come and see me and explain her nap time behavior. I dramatized remembering how it was like yesterday! We have to do this AGAIN? and she agreed to make good choices and lay still.

Coop and I are laughing about the fact that she knows I’m a teacher and it looked like her teacher called her other teacher to tell on her. I’ll never tell her different. (She won’t be reading for weeks.)

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