Parenting is hard, yo

Parenting is not something I thought I’d be good at; that’s why I didn’t plan on having my own children kids. Well, that and OMG carrying a baby in my uterus for months on end NO THANK YOU (I’m already uncomfortable in this skin thankyouverymuch.) I’m also incredibly selfish with my time and love to sleep … uhm, children disrupt both of these things. Then there’s the fact that oftentimes, I don’t like to be touched; most days I just need you to “spread out Floyd!”* and get away. I feel terrible when I have to ask Coop to move away from me, and imagining asking that of a child who NEEDS that contact is scary. I need my personal space.

So yeah, I didn’t plan on having children; but I have two daughters who will one day me by step-daughters. One is in middle, about-to-be-high school and the other is still sleeping in pull-ups … and though neither of them call me mom, I totally feel like a mom.

Interestingly enough, most of the jobs I’ve ever had were working with children, so I have a lot of childcare skills even though I’ve been told multiple times “well, you don’t have your own children, so …” when I’ve been asked for and offered my two cents. That’s offensive. I’ve worked with children for more years than you’ve been a mom … I might actually know what I’m talking about.

Being a mom isn’t coming easily to me … I have to put on my big-sister, nanny, camp counselor, art director, middle-school-teacher hats at the same time … and I still make mistakes. It’s not an easy job … but all my other jobs have taught me enough to make a career out of this part-time gig … and I’m managing just fine … so far.


*a million life points if you know where this line is from. I have used it since I was a kid if that offers you any clues!

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