The house is so quiet

Moo is with her mama for the next few days; we have a two week rotating schedule that involves one full weekend with the princess and one full weekend without the princess. It makes for an interesting and quick-moving month.

When Moo is here, there is a continual song brewing. Whether the song is from her, from her toys, from “SuperWhy” or a movie she’s watching, or whether one of her guardians is singing at her, there is a song in our house. Coop and I frequently refer to our music box-house as “The House of Bad Musicals.”

When Moo isn’t here,  the house is unnaturally quiet. I keep my iPad on all day with some sort of TV going (today it’s “Cupcake Wars”) and once Coop gets home, it’s either his video game sounds that fill the house, or we find something fabulous (“The Walking Dead,” or “Lord of the Rings”) on the television.

Sitting at home this afternoon, seeing the neighbor kids shriek in and out of their front door, I realized that that house is so quiet. It doesn’t quite feel like home when the Moo is gone.

I’ve become such a mom.

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