When you reward yourself with Burger King coffee

It doesn’t take much to soothe my wounds. Seriously, I can tide over near-tears frustration with a few tater tots and a cup of Burger King coffee.

After being told my insurance card showed an inactive status at a doctor’s appointment I’ve literally waited a month for, I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry!

I didn’t cry!

Last week I tried to see a new doctor in order to get this health business sorted out … and it was a fail. If I had done this appointment three months ago, I would have been a dissolved blubbering mess in the clinic, and I would have been even more embarrassed because I made a scene as a grown woman. The cycles of panic, anxiety, and depression are so so tight and nasty.

I’ve since discovered that I do have health insurance, but it’s through a different carrier, which means I have to make some important phone calls early next week to see another new doctor.

The day this happened, I didn’t give up after my appointment; I did the rest of my errands and I kicked the day’s behind. These little successes are only little to everyone else.

For me, any success is success.

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