Who am I?

I’m not new to blogging. In fact, I’ve been reading blogs since Dooce misspelled dude and shared baby photographs of her first daughter. I have seen kids raised through blogs, watched families explode because of the stress of being known online. I have gained and lost friends in the past 17 years sharing myself with the Internet.

I’ve been writing on multiple blogs in those 17 years, and purposefully never kept a “dedicated” blog; I lived somewhat anonymously online because I was teaching. I’m not teaching anymore right now* so I can be a little braver online. I can share what I deem appropriate.

I missed the mommy blogging train; I was in the kid-free car a decade ago when it took off, and I don’t know quite how to transition myself. Am I a mommy-blogger? Am I a step-mommy blogger? Am I a blogger who has a three-and-a-half-year-old constantly around her ankles saying “I think I need a snack!”? I don’t know who I am right now. I think you’re supposed to help me figure that out. Ideas?

I know I’m a writer at heart, I have stories in me. I want to share those stories, but is this the right spot?

I’m also an educator at heart. I like to teach; but how do I want to teach others? Perhaps being in a classroom isn’t my home … but where do I live?

Who am I?



*everyone asks about this “right now,” idea … will I go back? I don’t know. I don’t care today. Maybe tomorrow it’ll embed itself in my frontal lobe without regret.

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