Some days are shitty. Some.

During my last trip to Oregon, I bought myself a magnet from Powell’s that made me laugh.

It’s a beautiful sunset over an ocean with these words:

some days are shitty. some.


It feels simplistic and trite, but my $4 magnet is right. SOME days are shitty.

New days come every 24 hours if I’m lucky; I thankful each day I wake up for waking up.

I’m still pretty deep in my own head after a shitty (some-yester)day … but it is a new day and I can work on a reset.

If I could, I’d drive to this spot on the ocean and stand on those rocks again. I’d let the sea spray blow up into my face and wash me clean. Salt water heals. Instead, I’ll think back on the memories of this trip to the ocean and rest in the fact that these days weren’t shitty.

Some are.

Most aren’t.


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