Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks — A Preschooler’s Bzz Agent Review

Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks

I received two “Get it Free” coupons for Horizon organic snacks from BzzAgent in exchange for an honest review of the product. I got two boxes of Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks (Bunch o’Berries) free. The thoughts and opinions shared are mine.

So, I tasted the organic Horizon fruit snacks in Bunches o’Berries last week … and have eaten another six packages since. I guess they’re okay. I got used to the sticky texture and when I ate one of each flavor mashed together, the taste was a little less kids’ medicine flavor.

First, the grown up found lots of pros about Horizon organic Fruit Snacks. There were a couple of cons, but they were actually minimal.

THEN I offered some “new gummies!” to the preschooler. Her brain almost exploded because we rarely have gummies of any sort in the house. (We love gummy candy around here.) She was thrilled before we even opened the package.

She ate her first Horizon organic fruit snack and she paused … and chewed more … and I watched her little face twist up a bit as her mouth worked through the gummy. She chewed more.

“Deese sticked in my teef!” she exclaimed. She didn’t really think it was a con, though, because she then popped another into her mouth. I watched the cutie use her tongue to clean the Horizon organic fruit snacks from her teeth, and take her time eating her treat. When I asked her about the taste, Mooster replied with a quick “berries.”  I agreed; they taste fruity.

My three-and-a-half year old had nothing bad to say about these organic Horizon fruit snacks we were provided. Since they would be purchased for her anyway, I would purchase these again. Gummies are a treat in our house, and since the first three ingredients of these are SUGAR (albeit organic sugar), these are a treat.

I’m going to give Horizon’s fruit snacks made with all organic ingredients a 4/5 stars when looking at both family member’s ratings!



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