SK-II Facial Oil Treatment — A BzzAgent Review

I am a terrible human sometimes. I take care of my skin in that I …

  1. … drink a lot of water,
  2. … wear high quality makeup,
  3. … wear facial sunscreen daily, and
  4. … love chapstick!

However, I am pretty terrible about the rest of my facial skin care.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.03.50 PMI know, I need to care; I’m actively working on treating my skin more kindly and I’m noticing a change.

One of the first changes I made in my skin care was including the use of a moderately priced cream cleanser. The second change I made was purposefully testing all of the facial moisturizers sent to me in my ipsy bags and my BirchBoxes. I’ve been experimenting and want to find a staple.

I received a full size bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Oil and three weeks ago I started including it in my skincare experimentation.

I really like what SK-II Facial Treatment Oil has done for my skin.

  • the texture has smoothed,
  • I notice fewer of the tiny wrinkles I’m getting (yay! old!),
  • and I’m breaking out less (yay! still 13?).

While my face is still moist — whether I wash in the shower or sink side — I shake the bottle to mix the magic emulsion before shaking 7 drops on my hands and patting it onto my face. I pat a few times and then I rub any traces left into my hands and cuticles as an added bonus. (Double duty product right here!) I have only been doing this once a day.

I normally head to bed soon after application, so I haven’t had the chance to mix SK-II Facial Treatment Oil with my sunscreen and makeup yet. The website recommends using this both at morning and at night before your beauty serums. Mine will last a bit longer because I probably won’t; this will remain a nighttime moisturizer for me.

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil features the following benefits:

  • moisturizes skin dryness
  • quickly absorbs into skin
  • feels light on the face
  • smells nice; described as “soothing”

My Rating?


I offer SK-II Facial Treatment Oil a five out of five stars. 100%! A+! 5/5! I understand the high cost of $150 for less than one ounce, but it will prohibit me from purchasing it on my own. On a positive note, I’ve found a moisturizer type I can get behind to continue treating my skin better thanks to SK-II and BzzAgent.

I received a 50ml (0.7oz) bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Oil in exchange for an honest review of the product. The thoughts and opinions in this blog post are my own.



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