Is this thing on?

Sometimes my life gets so busy, and I get so busy actually living life, I forget to prepare the blog. I should plan ahead, but even planning day-to-day activities is a new feature in my life, so planning for weeks ahead of time is ludicrous. Weekends with Moo are jammed packed with family time, so I don’t blog or think too much about the blog while I’m away loving my House of Bad Musicals*.


I haven’t forgotten I’m a writer; it’s one of my Two May Goals of which I’m 3/3 officially today. Yay me!

I’m going to start looking at an actual calendar and planning things for the weekends I know I’ll be mom-ing. I think this will help me assuage some guilt about not consistently developing my voice around here.

I also added my Instagram feed to the layout … I take a lot of photographs of regular life and I’m proud of them. Most of the photographs are of cooking adventures (most tagged #callthefiredepartment) and it may be that I start adding and linking the recipes around here; I’m being asked about the foods I’m photographing. I think I’m finding something.

Thanks for the likes and the follows around here; I’m seeing hits from around the world and am glad that you can relate. Go off and burn like the sun … it’s worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.22.00 AM

*Moo is at the stage where she sing-narrates everything. Both Coop and I are known to sing-narrate a line or two of our days to one another, so it’s pretty hilarious at times when we’re all doing it together. The House of Bad Musicals.


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