Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Battle of Puebla Day!

Toady is not Mexico’s Independence Day.

Today is not just a day to celebrate margaritas and tacos.

May fifth is not Mexican heritage day.


It’s Battle of Puebla Day!

I mean, that’s what today really should be called; then people might have a clue why they’re celebrating. While studying for the CSET Multilple Subjects exam’s history section, I had to understand this specific battle, so I can tell you a few things.

  • Battle of Puebla happened on May 5, 1862.
  • France tried to invade Mexico.
  • On paper, France should have easily defeated Puebla.
  • In reality, Mexicans at Puebla stood valiantly.

Though later, France attacked again to eventually take Mexico City, but the unexpected victory of the Mexicans at Puebla is widely celebrated.

Remembering those who came before us and stood their ground so that we could have some of it ourselves doesn’t take much effort, give it a try.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.26.28 PM



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