Owning what I can

Since I’m not going back to work part- or full-time any time soon, I have to find things to occupy my time in productive, healthy, and family-oriented contributions. Some of those things are easier to add to my resume than others. Either way, whatever I choose to do, I am choosing to do it all the way and all the way well.

Thinking about what I do for a living

  • slaying the laundry
  • scrubbing dishes
  • meal planning, preparation, and cooking
  • cleaning the house
  • Mooster’s bathtime (my facilitation of this became a ritual in our house)


Then there’s some other stuff that I do to keep myself busy and living …

  • mechanical turking – a great article from Salon explaining why I work for $1.45 an hour sometimes
  • writing the next great American novel – did you know I’m writing a book? I am. It lives inside my head … and a little bit of it now lives in one of my Moleskine Cahier journals. My novel involves a lot of research (which I love) and connects to my own personal history in a few ways, so I’m feeling good about where it’s going.
  • photography – whether it’s taking photographs of things in nature, of my Mooster, or of the food I’m cooking, I truly do love to snap pictures. I added my Instagram feed to the blog because it’s become that important to me.
  • working out, drinking water, and eating well – One of my invisible illnesses really gets in the way of these three, so it’s become a bigger priority in the past couple of weeks. I’ve committed to three weeks of heightened water intake and daily workouts, so we’ll see if I can manage!
  • getting enough rest – yes, this is important in my life; I don’t live well without sleep. This job is one of my most imperative – I cannot handle taking care of everyone and everything else unless I’m getting seven to nine hours of sleep daily. Unfortunately, I can’t function without seven or more hours. (I wish I could.)

These things I do I do well. I own what I can, and so my dinners are multi-colored with vegetables, hearty starches and seared meats. I took Coop on a date with my mechanical turking bonuses (and got summer clothes for Moo with the income). My words are thoroughly researched and edited before I share them. The laundry is done well and regularly and my people rarely go anywhere with a wrinkle on them. I #ownwhatIcan and do the things I do do well and completely.

I own what I can. It’s one simple way I am learning to live with my disability.

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