Making some changes


I am fascinated by change. I am particularly enamored by watching people change. Watching myself change has been an experience in utter joy (though a lot of hard work).

I am not afraid of change; change is an opportunity, a door opening, a window cracking, a light shining through the darkness. Change is an opportunity to learn; and I love to learn. I don’t mind change… I might even say that I like change. I even have the German word for changes (Ă„nderungen) tattooed to the inside of my left ankle.

I’ve started a plan that means this blog is changing. I’m thinking about actually applying a label to my blog … a “lifestyle” blogging label. There are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of “lifestyle bloggers,” and so attaching a label to the Eleventh Street Lot can have both positive and negative results. I want to write about things that matter to me, and after making an actual list (I love lists as much as I appreciate change), I am clearly a lifestyle blogger.

While the blog is in transition, I will be trying to put up posts, but for the next thirty days, I’m concentrating on the changes that October will bring to the Eleventh Street Lot. I hope you stick around and watch me change!

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