Favorite Wardrobe Pieces

  1. Reef Women’s Dream Flip Flop: the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever invested in. screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-1-46-28-pmI’ve worn through three pair since moving to California seven years ago. I live in flip flops, so I know which are comfortable. These? Black on black perfection on my sock-hating feet!
  2. Banana Republic Zero Gravity Skinny Ankle screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-1-48-42-pmjeans: I buy these most often from the outlet store, but I would gladly spend $120 on a pair of Banana Republic Zero Gravity Skinny Ankle jeans. They stay UP all day (zero gravity!) and they are thick enough to feel like denim. They look like leggings, work like denim, and squeeze my butt perfectly. I love these jeans. I did find that you can get a pair of Banana Republic Factory Regular Skinny-fit jeans  on Amazon if you’re looking to pay half-price!
  3. Maidenform’s Women’s Dream Lace Hipsters are my go-to undies. screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-1-57-12-pmI’ve got fifteen pair (all a size too big now!) and I wear them with anything and everything. I rarely ever get a panty line from these undies, and I always feel cute, if not sexy, in them. The lace does tear easily, but if you’re aware that you’re pulling on lace, you can keep it in one whole piece. There are dozens of prints and patterns you can choose from, and even though they’ll cover your booty, they’ll also make your man want to take them OFF your booty.
  4. Since I’ve been working out, my least favorite body part has shrunk. I’m thrilled screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-1-59-43-pmbecause it means I can then wear these Bustier Floral Lace Crop Top Bralettes instead of the Maidenform maximum coverage nude boring bras. I wish now I had purchased a few of these in bright cheerful colors, but for now I own a white, black, and nude one. I also would recommend buying a size smaller than you think you’ll need. Maybe it’s just me, but screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-2-06-47-pmI bought a large, and my chest is now apparently a medium! Anyway, it’s stretchy, comfortable, the lace is not itchy, and the straps stay up. This bralette is even cute enough to poke out from the side or bottom of a tank or crop top if you’re brave!
  5. Throwing on a cute tunic top over my Banana Republic skinny jeans is the way to go — no matter how much wheat I’ve eaten the day before, I can hide a bit of bulge with a beautiful blue top. I also am of the mindset that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS and so if I want to wear leggings, I also have to wear something that screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-2-09-42-pmkeeps my booty and front-junk covered. Throwing on a blue tunic makes my eyes pop (they are blue, too), and covers all the requisite parts, so I’m absolutely comfortable all day long.
  6. The final addition to my favorite pieces of an outfit are a set of silver splashy earrings. The pairs I’ve been wearing lately have been an investment from StitchFix, but Amazon has heaps of sterling silver earrings that I could lovingly add to my collection. These Sterling Silver Filigree Teardrop Earrings from Amazon would be among the first additions to my collection.


What are some of your favorite wardrobe pieces?

The Glass Castle

The first time I read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls I was in a very different place of my life. It was hard to read, I sobbed uncontrollably at points, and I blocked out a lot of the memories she managed to drag up. This book is not for the faint of heart; it’s heart-wrenching at points. I read it recently again in hopes of absorbing more of the stories … and I am thrilled to say that The Glass Castle is a book I highly recommend.

Amazon’s blurb about this book hits the nail on the head when it comes to describing The Glass Castle.

“Jeannette Walls grew up with parents whose ideals and stubborn nonconformity were both their curse and their salvation.”

Jeannette Walls writes openly and honestly about her not-so-typical upbringing. With an alcoholic father who regularly disappeared with the grocery money and an artistic mom who would rather paint than cook a meal for her four children, Walls has harrowing, heartbreaking, and love-filled tales from her Nomadic childhood.  Walls’ success as a writer absolutely began with her dysfunctional family and Wall is able to turn her trials and tribulations as a kid into almost-entertaining stories we can read.

Shortly after reading The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls, I read her second book, Half Broke Horses and understood even more deeply the Walls’ family legacy has influenced this writer.

“Half Broke Horses is Laura Ingalls Wilder for adults, as riveting and dramatic as Isak Dinesen’s Out of Africa or Beryl Markham’s West with the Night. Destined to become a classic, it will transfix readers everywhere.”

I absolutely recommend you check out both of these Jeanette Walls books. If you thought your childhood was mercurial and always shifting, you will find a friend in these tales.

SK-II Facial Oil Treatment — A BzzAgent Review

I am a terrible human sometimes. I take care of my skin in that I …

  1. … drink a lot of water,
  2. … wear high quality makeup,
  3. … wear facial sunscreen daily, and
  4. … love chapstick!

However, I am pretty terrible about the rest of my facial skin care.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.03.50 PMI know, I need to care; I’m actively working on treating my skin more kindly and I’m noticing a change.

One of the first changes I made in my skin care was including the use of a moderately priced cream cleanser. The second change I made was purposefully testing all of the facial moisturizers sent to me in my ipsy bags and my BirchBoxes. I’ve been experimenting and want to find a staple.

I received a full size bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Oil and three weeks ago I started including it in my skincare experimentation.

I really like what SK-II Facial Treatment Oil has done for my skin.

  • the texture has smoothed,
  • I notice fewer of the tiny wrinkles I’m getting (yay! old!),
  • and I’m breaking out less (yay! still 13?).

While my face is still moist — whether I wash in the shower or sink side — I shake the bottle to mix the magic emulsion before shaking 7 drops on my hands and patting it onto my face. I pat a few times and then I rub any traces left into my hands and cuticles as an added bonus. (Double duty product right here!) I have only been doing this once a day.

I normally head to bed soon after application, so I haven’t had the chance to mix SK-II Facial Treatment Oil with my sunscreen and makeup yet. The website recommends using this both at morning and at night before your beauty serums. Mine will last a bit longer because I probably won’t; this will remain a nighttime moisturizer for me.

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil features the following benefits:

  • moisturizes skin dryness
  • quickly absorbs into skin
  • feels light on the face
  • smells nice; described as “soothing”

My Rating?


I offer SK-II Facial Treatment Oil a five out of five stars. 100%! A+! 5/5! I understand the high cost of $150 for less than one ounce, but it will prohibit me from purchasing it on my own. On a positive note, I’ve found a moisturizer type I can get behind to continue treating my skin better thanks to SK-II and BzzAgent.

I received a 50ml (0.7oz) bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Oil in exchange for an honest review of the product. The thoughts and opinions in this blog post are my own.



Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks — A Preschooler’s Bzz Agent Review

Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks

I received two “Get it Free” coupons for Horizon organic snacks from BzzAgent in exchange for an honest review of the product. I got two boxes of Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks (Bunch o’Berries) free. The thoughts and opinions shared are mine.

So, I tasted the organic Horizon fruit snacks in Bunches o’Berries last week … and have eaten another six packages since. I guess they’re okay. I got used to the sticky texture and when I ate one of each flavor mashed together, the taste was a little less kids’ medicine flavor.

First, the grown up found lots of pros about Horizon organic Fruit Snacks. There were a couple of cons, but they were actually minimal.

THEN I offered some “new gummies!” to the preschooler. Her brain almost exploded because we rarely have gummies of any sort in the house. (We love gummy candy around here.) She was thrilled before we even opened the package.

She ate her first Horizon organic fruit snack and she paused … and chewed more … and I watched her little face twist up a bit as her mouth worked through the gummy. She chewed more.

“Deese sticked in my teef!” she exclaimed. She didn’t really think it was a con, though, because she then popped another into her mouth. I watched the cutie use her tongue to clean the Horizon organic fruit snacks from her teeth, and take her time eating her treat. When I asked her about the taste, Mooster replied with a quick “berries.”  I agreed; they taste fruity.

My three-and-a-half year old had nothing bad to say about these organic Horizon fruit snacks we were provided. Since they would be purchased for her anyway, I would purchase these again. Gummies are a treat in our house, and since the first three ingredients of these are SUGAR (albeit organic sugar), these are a treat.

I’m going to give Horizon’s fruit snacks made with all organic ingredients a 4/5 stars when looking at both family member’s ratings!



Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks — A Grown-Up Bzz Agent Review

Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks

I received two “Get it Free” coupons for Horizon organic snacks from BzzAgent in exchange for an honest review of the product. I got two boxes of Horizon Organic Fruit Snacks (Bunch o’Berries) free. The thoughts and opinions shared are mine.

When I signed up to be a BzzAgent, I just thought that I would be getting free stuff in the mail and then able to write about it … but this task took more effort on my part. Instead of receiving my Horizon organic fruit snacks, I received coupons and had to find the snacks myself.

Living with anxiety, grocery shopping is one of my least favorite tasks; there are too many choices and bright colors and people and sounds and oh my gosh I hate to grocery shop. But I did it.try1free

I received two “Get it Free” coupons for fruit snacks and snagged two boxes of the Bunch o’ Berries flavor for Moo and I. If I’m going to offer my pre-schooler a treat, I want to know that it at least tastes okay before I offer them. So, I tried the Horizon organic fruit snacks in bunch o’berries flavor.

Pros of Horizon organic Fruit Snacks per the grown up

  • These are easy to serve; the package is also super easy to open.
  • No artificial colors or flavors.
  • They taste like fruit.
  • They come in cute shapes (cows and people).
  • The colors aren’t obnoxious.
  • There are almost ten in each pack.
  • I can pronounce all the ingredients: organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup solids, organic white grape juice concentrate, pectin, citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), organic black carrot juice concentrate (for color), natural flavors, organic sunflower oil, and carnauba wax.
  • They were free — though they’re regularly only $2.79 at my local supermarket.

Cons of Horizon organic Fruit Snacks per the grown up

  • They are really sticky once chewed – stick in and to your teeth.
  • The “natural flavors” ingredient is not my favorite … according to CNN, “Though natural flavors may sound better than their presumably chemical-laden alternative — artificial flavors — it turns out they are not actually all that different.” I’d be curious to know what types of flavoring is used, and how it’s processed.


Ultimately, if Moo likes these fruit snacks, I will purchase them again. For less than $3 a box, it’s a quick easy snack I can toss into her lunch box. Nothing is better than good-for-you “gummies!” as treat!


Once Moo tries these, I’ll add some more notes. She has some pouches and snack crackers to test out, too! Any questions for me about these fruit snacks? I’ll gladly see about finding answers!


BzzAgent Review 2: COVERGIRL LashBlast


It’s been a few weeks since I wrote my first BzzAgent Review on COVERGIRL LashBlast mascara, and I’ve been using this mascara solely since, so I could do a proper second review.


My rating of CoverGirl’s LashBlast Volume changes from a 4/5 to a three of five stars.

3 of 5.jpg

Why did COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume mascara lose a star in my ratings?

  • when worn all day on my lower lashes, COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume mascara migrates to my undereye area and gives me a dark shadow that I don’t need
  • I cried more than once while wearing COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume mascara … and it’s clearly not the waterproof version. If you are a sensitive heart, invest in waterproof mascara — this mascara runs like a marathoner if you cry.
  • the brush. I never got used to this weird sized and shaped brush. I detest this mascara brush. I might be more willing to use this mascara if I bought my own wire brush to replace the mega-brush, but that is one more thing I’ll have to buy if I want to use COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume mascara regularly.


I received this mascara free in exchange for my honest review of the product. I spent more time than normal playing with COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume mascara because I wanted to love it. Sadly, I do not love this COVERGIRL product. I won’t purchase this product on my own. For around $6, this mascara is a steal, but it definitely has it’s downfalls. Invest with forewarning.