Irons in the Fire

I have too many irons in my fire. I like to be busy, and since I’m not working, I have to make my own busy … and I’m doing too many things not well enough lately.

  • I have writing to do.
  • I have bullet journaling to do.
  • I have blog posts to draft.
  • I have a house that needs a fall-cleaning.
  • I have laundry that needs washing, drying, folding, and away-putting.
  • I have a to-do list that needs attacking.

I’m not doing any of these at 100%, and in fact, some of them are being thrown by the wayside (when was the last time I wrote?) to handle other things. I want three irons and three fires. I need to consolidate my brain into little compartments full of tasks and open a SINGLE drawer at a time.

I’ve spent the past two or three years wondering if I don’t have adult attention deficit disorder. I am a Gemini, so my mind is always going in 93,000 directions at the same time, but I’m almost to the point where I can’t get anything done even when they’re little goals. I need a new mindset. Time to find a book.


September Goals

Dreams aren’t goals until you write them down.

Write shit down.

Decide what it is you want. Write that shit down. Make a fucking plan. And work on it. Every single day.

September Goals:

  1. Participate in a third Two Pretzels fitness accountability group (where I’ll set the goal of 21 daily workouts)
  2. Finish my Business Blog Plan so I can be a millionaire (#snort)
  3. Write and post on Eleventh Street eight times, hoping to initiate at least three conversations with my readers (I like to talk; let’s start some conversations!)
  4. Write two book reviews to begin catching up on my Bibliophile page


What are your September goals?

Blog Dreams

Since I’m working on Making some changes around Eleventh Street, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time offline doing some old school pen and paper writing.

What am I writing lately?

A blog business plan!

I invested my first bit of effort into research. The question “What do I need to do first?” led me to resources for infopreneurs by Regina. I quickly located her clear, simple, and  easy-to-understand instructions on How to write a blog business plan like an expert.

There is something comforting to me about using a notebook and pen to develop my ideas, and now six pages of my current bullet journal are filled with musings about my vision and my ideal reader and blog categories. I’m overwhelmed thinking about blog products and  services I could offer my ideal readers; addressing affiliates, partnerships, and sponsors before I’ve even decided whether I’ll keep this blog name* is intimidating.

Fleshing out what I want, where I see myself, and what I believe Eleventh Street Lot can accomplish is eye-opening; I have dreams and goals for this place!

What do my blog dreams involve?

  • Words – books, reading, writing, and my own original ones

  • Home Ec -cooking, recipes, groceries, and budgeting

  • Crafting – photography, handmade cards, journaling, coloring, and collages

  • Health – fitness, food, mental health, self-care, and self-improvement

What else would you like to see when you walk down Eleventh Street?


*Eleventh Street Lot has a soft spot in my heart, but the name is a mouthful, there are multiple ways to type it (after hearing it, do I use the number or the word eleven?), and I am clarifying a mental image of what the lot on 11th Street consists of.

Making some changes


I am fascinated by change. I am particularly enamored by watching people change. Watching myself change has been an experience in utter joy (though a lot of hard work).

I am not afraid of change; change is an opportunity, a door opening, a window cracking, a light shining through the darkness. Change is an opportunity to learn; and I love to learn. I don’t mind change… I might even say that I like change. I even have the German word for changes (Änderungen) tattooed to the inside of my left ankle.

I’ve started a plan that means this blog is changing. I’m thinking about actually applying a label to my blog … a “lifestyle” blogging label. There are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of “lifestyle bloggers,” and so attaching a label to the Eleventh Street Lot can have both positive and negative results. I want to write about things that matter to me, and after making an actual list (I love lists as much as I appreciate change), I am clearly a lifestyle blogger.

While the blog is in transition, I will be trying to put up posts, but for the next thirty days, I’m concentrating on the changes that October will bring to the Eleventh Street Lot. I hope you stick around and watch me change!

Is this thing on?

Sometimes my life gets so busy, and I get so busy actually living life, I forget to prepare the blog. I should plan ahead, but even planning day-to-day activities is a new feature in my life, so planning for weeks ahead of time is ludicrous. Weekends with Moo are jammed packed with family time, so I don’t blog or think too much about the blog while I’m away loving my House of Bad Musicals*.


I haven’t forgotten I’m a writer; it’s one of my Two May Goals of which I’m 3/3 officially today. Yay me!

I’m going to start looking at an actual calendar and planning things for the weekends I know I’ll be mom-ing. I think this will help me assuage some guilt about not consistently developing my voice around here.

I also added my Instagram feed to the layout … I take a lot of photographs of regular life and I’m proud of them. Most of the photographs are of cooking adventures (most tagged #callthefiredepartment) and it may be that I start adding and linking the recipes around here; I’m being asked about the foods I’m photographing. I think I’m finding something.

Thanks for the likes and the follows around here; I’m seeing hits from around the world and am glad that you can relate. Go off and burn like the sun … it’s worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.22.00 AM

*Moo is at the stage where she sing-narrates everything. Both Coop and I are known to sing-narrate a line or two of our days to one another, so it’s pretty hilarious at times when we’re all doing it together. The House of Bad Musicals.