October Goals


They’re just dreams until you write them down.

  1. learn how to use my new phone; any tips or tricks recommended with a Nexus 5x? I’m moving from an iPhone to this Android business, and it’s all so new!
  2. track my food // avoid gluten – I need to see on paper that not eating wheat or glutinous foods is having a positive effect on my body. I need to see if I can actually track symptoms in relation to my body.
  3. Fall Cleaning of the house
  4. finish the Eleventh Street Lot’s Blog Business Plan and begin implementing the thoughts and ideas here
  5. create a county jobs application packet to begin submitting


What are YOUR goals for the month?

Domestic Help Needed

I need help.
We have laminate floor in our house (oh how I hate fake plastic wood floors) and the Swiffer Wet is no longer cutting the cleaning need.
I’m looking at steam mops currently, but don’t know
a) is that the best method to really clean my laminate floors?
b) what steam mop is the best one to get?
c) does consulting friends about household appliances make me officially old?
Anyone have any answers, suggestions, ideas, input?