Mindfulness Moment: Square Breathing

I was once taught to use a “square breath” to calm my body before a test, and I would walk students through it occasionally before their own quizzes or tests.

I find myself using square breathing quite often lately when I’m overwhelmed or can’t quite sort out my too-many-tabs-open brain.

squareSquare breathing is simple;

  1. breath in for four counts
  2. hold your breath for four counts
  3. breath out for four counts
  4. hold your breath for four counts

Repeat that cycle at least three times.

I don’t just use square breathing when I’m experiencing anxiety or stress; I practice it when I’m calm so I know it will work when I’m under pressure. I’ve even used square breathing to help me fall asleep. Your brain is a muscle and you can train it to work more efficiently, just like your biceps!